Unification Team Update

To the Christ Our Hope Parish Community,

As we approach the end of our first year as a United Parish community, Fr. Hernan and the Unification Team would like to communicate the items that the team has been addressing, including some important updates about the life and administrative structure of the parish.

The Unification Team has met monthly since July and worked closely with the ministries of the parish to coordinate a host of events and liturgies to help bring the Immaculate Conception and St. James communities together. This has included the Triduum, Fr. Hernan's installation Mass and reception, and many other pre-existing functions. The Unification Team will meet for the final time in its current form in June 2023. Beginning in September, a new Leadership Team will meet bimonthly. This Team will be chiefly responsible for overseeing the efforts of Evangelization and Hospitality for Christ Our Hope, and subcommittees with focuses on these two areas will meet as well. Additionally, the Finance Council will begin meeting in the fall. This Council will oversee the Budgeting and Fiscal efforts of the Parish, as well as Facilities/Maintenance and Development. Please pray as these committees continue to be formed. 

The Unification Team has also prayerfully discerned some key elements of Parish identity over the past year. The process of naming the Parish was the first and most important task, which occurred with the participation of hundreds of parishioners. The Team remains grateful for all those who took part in this necessary process.

After the name was selected and Fr. Hernan was installed, the next important decision was to select a feast day for the Parish. Unlike most Saints, Marian Titles or Biblical events, 'Christ Our Hope' does not have a canonical feast. This allowed the Team to consider several dates. A theme that arose throughout the naming process was our desire to elevate veneration of the Eucharist in our liturgy and parish life. Thus, The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, also known as Corpus Christi, will be the Feast Day of Christ Our Hope Parish. Corpus Christi falls on the ninth Sunday following Easter each year, so the exact date will vary each year. We joyfully anticipate celebrating our first Parish Feast on June 11, 2023, with a most proper party the following year on June 2, 2024.

Another exciting task has been for the team to develop a brand identity for Christ Our Hope. A new logo and colors, which were developed with help from some generous external parties, will be revealed and explained in a couple weeks' time. Introducing a logo distinct to Christ Our Hope is an important step in creating a coherent identity for the parish that will make it recognizable across websites, social media platforms, print materials, and other merchandise. 

Lastly, perhaps the most important task of the Unification Team has been to foster a culture of Unity within the young Parish. This new way of thinking about our Parish has proved to be difficult at times, but by changing the way we plan events, talk about our Parish, and structure the administration, we believe important progress has been made towards this end. We ask that every member of Christ Our Hope continues to embrace his/her role in this effort. 

A wonderful and blessed year for the Parish awaits.

Christ Our Hope, Hear Us!

In Christ,
The Christ Our Hope Unification Team - Fr. Hernan, Raymond Lewis, Kevin McDonough, Camille Rubin, Aurora Santos, Craig Thedwall, Irene Valerio