Pastor Letter

March 19, 2023

Dear Parishioner,

The fact that you are seeing this reflection means that even God blesses you with the sense of sight. It is a gift that you can see the sunset, the faces of the people you love, and that you can see the beauty of the world around you. It is said that there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see. As always, every time a person meets Jesus, they never go back the way they came into his presence. The encounter with Jesus touches and transforms the heart of those who allow themselves to be embraced by the grace of God.

In today's gospel the blind man wants to see. Although the blind man asks Jesus for the ability to physically see, Jesus gives him more than he asks for. Jesus restores his dignity as a child of God, and his integration into the community. It is interesting how the others who could see did not see the blind man with dignity; on the contrary, they looked at him with contempt, judged him, blamed him and did not recognize in him the possibility that he could realize a change in him. But faith is so great in this blind man and in what Jesus can do for him that the blind man regains his sight.

In today's world in which we find ourselves, it seems that we intend to close our eyes to the needs of others and to the injustices that are committed. Perhaps we are blind because we see others through the benefit filters, the benefit that can be obtained from the other, and we see the other as an object.

This encounter that you have with Jesus today through this reflection also wants to transform you, it wants to help you see the people around you in a spiritual and profound way. Faith in Jesus is a gift that wants to give you that light so that you can see the world and others through the eyes of God. It is my profound prayer that this moment of Lent the spirit of God continues to guide you so that you can see the truth, goodness and beauty that God has created in you and in others.

In the Lord’s joy,

Fr. Hernan Cuevas