Pastor Letter


Dear Parishioners,

         As we enter the darkest time of the year, the Advent candle reminds us that we Catholics are keeping watch for the coming of Christ. At this time, children keep a desperate watch to celebrate Christ’s birth while we grownups keep watch of the world around us, praying for peace, struggling to bring justice and working to provide for the needs of the poor among us. We “watch” for Christ by treating each person as Christ as He taught us last week.

     But that one lone Advent candle also reminds us that keeping watch is difficult and requires tremendous energy of both soul and body. Have you ever seen a “stakeout” scene in a movie or on tv? Usually, the room is strewn with empty food containers and one of the cops is always eating something just as the action turns up. If not, they have fallen asleep and miss their chance to catch the criminal! So it is as we watch for Christ. We must eat to keep up our energy or we will be fast asleep when He comes! Because we are human, we need to feed both our bodies and our souls as wait for Christ. How many people do you know who have given up on their faith because they think God is no longer coming? They grow tired of waiting and they feed their hunger with worldly, not spiritual things.

     If we hope to keep watch for Christ, if we want to be Christ for those in need, then we cannot fill up on “junk food,” whether spiritual or corporal. Only the Eucharist feed both our bodies and souls; it is the Bread of Life, the food by which we keep faithful watch. Some think the Bible or an inspirational sermon is enough, but they forget we have both bodies and souls. Truly, the Word of God is food for the soul. Jesus is God’s Word Incarnate. By giving us His Body and Blood in Holy Communion, He feeds both our souls and bodies with Himself. We are given the strength of Christ to forgive, to bring peace, to make Justice flourish. If we’re going to keep watch and prepare the world to welcome Christ, we need the Bread of Life.

In the Lord’s joy,
Fr. Hernan Cuevas