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Empty Tomb?  – Empty Church?

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

“For they did not yet understand . . .”John 20:9

Every Spring during Eastertime there is a glorious procession of assorted faithful from the most observant to the whimsically curious walking the 70-mile hallowed path to the medieval French Cathedral of Chartres.                                                          

At the end of the miles-long ... Read More »

The Full Picture

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Many adults find that technology eludes them. Even the innocent job of recording live TV shows with your DVR can defy. If you’re lucky, you can draft in your average 5 year old to effortlessly achieve that task. Otherwise the result is a ... Read More »

Regarding my Assignment

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Dear Parishioners,

The Archbishop and the Priest Placement Board have asked me to stay on as the Pastor of Immaculate Conception parish for one more year.  My term as pastor of Immaculate Conception will conclude on June 30, 2017.

Six months ago, I was asked if I would be ... Read More »

God can use YOU

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

In this weekend's gospel, Jesus glowed like the sun.  The disciples just had to reflect Jesus’ glory to do his work.  The same is true of us.  We aren’t intended to be the sun and produce the glow, the power.  Instead, we are like the moon.  We reflect the glory ... Read More »

Everyday Stewardship

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Remember when you joined Weight Watchers way back when? How did that go for you? Remember when you were a student and after the first or second day of that new class you ran to the school office to fill out the slip dropping the class? That was a ... Read More »

A Lesson from Wine

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

We This weekend continues with the 2nd gospel of 5 weeks from St. John known as the Bread of Life Teachings which speak to us about the Holy Eucharist.

Few things speak as wonderfully about life as does the smell of fresh bread. The fragrance of fresh bread is ... Read More »

Ability and Availability

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

We have been reading from Saint Mark's gospel throughout this year. Beginning this Sunday, the Church switches gears on us out of Mark's gospel and into Chapter 6 of St. John's gospel, which will be read over the next five weeks. These Sunday gospels will contain our Lord's "I ... Read More »

Everyday Stewardship

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

A reflection Being a parent is one of those jobs where you never really get to rest. Even on a vacation, a parent never stops performing the tasks of being a parent: providing, driving, disciplining. That's one reason why so many people desire a vacation after their vacation. There ... Read More »

A reflection

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

On July 1, 2015 I began my 6th year as the pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish.  Our parish is rich in history with a long memory of dedicated parishioners and a variety of events which have woven together the parish entrusted to our current care and for our future vision.

Our parish leadership has been working with the parish staff for the past several months in developing the overall vision for the parish in both the short term and long term needs to remain vibrant and welcoming to all who consider Immaculate Conception their spiritual ... Read More »

Just a Thought

Posted by max Caballero

For centuries, blood has been perceived as the life force in humans. While most of us garnered a rudimentary understanding of the way blood functions during high school science classes, the complexity of what blood does as it courses through our bodies is lost to most of us. We ... Read More »