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Active or Prayerful?

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Dear friends,

The Gospel for this Sunday is certainly appropriate for the summer months we are enjoying.  During the summer we tend to rest a bit more and turn to activities that are not only those we must do to “make ends meet”.  Our vacation times are especially apt for ... Read More »

The Good Samaritan

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Dear Friends in Christ,

I’m delighted to have the opportunity soon to be supporting the community in a full-time capacity at IC while Fr. Anderson recovers from his surgery. I have gotten to know many of you over the past few years and feel connected to IC in a ... Read More »

My Impending Surgery

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Dear Parishioners,

I will be having reconstructive surgery on my left foot and ankle scheduled for July 8, 2016. While this is anticipated to be an uncomplicated surgery my recovery time will be 3 months.  I will need to have extensive rehabilitation.  Since the Rectory is not handicap accessible, ... Read More »

Urgency for What?

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

This weekend we hear from the section of St. Luke’s Gospel which scripture scholars commonly call the “Journey to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51-19:28). We hear about the people in Samaritan towns who turn Jesus away. He had sent messengers ahead to “warm up the audience”, so to speak, but the villages ... Read More »

Who am I?

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

This weekend in the Gospel, Jesus asks a demanding question of the disciples who have been with him for less than two years: “Who do you think that I am?” “What are people saying?” Not an easy question for such a short period of time. Often we think we ... Read More »


Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Our gospel this weekend is a reminder of the lavish forgiveness that comes from God. It is a God-given truth that each Sunday and more we pray, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", but we struggle with the concept. Sad too, because when ... Read More »

Life and Death

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Jesus intervenes in death three times, according to the memories of his friends. All four gospels tell the story of the restoration of Rabbi Jairus’ daughter. Only John tells the tale of the raising of Lazarus from his grave. And only Luke tells the story assigned for this Sunday, ... Read More »

"Lord, I am not worthy..."

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

Since the Synod on the Family last Fall in Rome, there continues to be much discussion about who can receive the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the source and symbol of what unites us to God and one another. But we must be careful. When we start making the Eucharist something to ... Read More »

Going up?

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

What are we to make of Jesus' Ascension? Of course, it's not out of the question that Jesus defied gravity, but is that the real point? Is the Ascension about gravity or spirituality, geography or vocabulary?

Our First Reading describes the Ascending Christ. First, the disciples quiz him about ... Read More »

Finding the Church

Posted by Fr Kenneth Anderson

“Where the bishop is, there is the Church” -St. Ignatius of Antioch

The above quote from the early church reminds us of the significant relationship between the bishop and the Church. This weekend we welcome Archbishop Cupich to Immaculate Conception. This is his first visit to our parish since ... Read More »